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Selecting the Right Pool Tables

Buying pool tables can be a confusing and contradictory experience, with manufacturers all touting different styles and types of tables as the best. For a newcomer to the world of pool tables, this can be very confusing. Luckily, there are some simple tips that can take the confusion out of buying pool tables. Read on to discover some of the most important considerations when purchasing pool tables. By simply following some of the advice you'll find here, you can be on your way to purchasing a pool table that you will enjoy for many years.

By far the most important consideration in buying pool tables is the size of the table itself. Nothing can be as disconcerting as buying pool tables only to discover it is too large for the intended space. Many people make the mistake of thinking pool tables will fit without considering the amount of extra space needed to play effectively. There must of course be room enough for the table itself, but also enough room to play around the table. Cue sticks are normally going to be at least 52" long, with some sticks ranging up to 58". You must have enough room to play around the table. Pool tables range in size from the smallest at 39" x 78", to the largest at 50" x 100". These are playing surface dimensions, which are the most important numbers to take into account.

With a 39" x 78" table, it is recommended that the room be at least 12.5' x 15.8' in dimension. Any less, and you may yourself crowded in by the walls. While it is possible to play in smaller rooms, you will probably need to have a shortened stick to make all possible shots.

Pool tables come in all sorts of construction, but there are some very important factors to take into account. Be sure that any table you purchase is made with 3 piece slate. 3 piece slate provides the best playing surface, ensuring that the surface is absolutely level. A table made out of a single piece of slate will not provide the same level playing experience. Single piece slate tables are usually a sign of cheap construction. The thickness of the slate is also a sign of the table quality. Thinner slate, such as 3/4" or 7/8", will not provide the best playing surface possible. Tournament quality pool tables are made with 3 piece slate that is 1" thick. The extra weight provides the best and most level surface possible.

The rails are also an important part of the playing surface. Rails should be built with solid wood and attached to the table with bolts that go through both the frame and the slate. For the best playing experience, make sure the rail is made with what is known as a K-66 profile, approved by the BCA for tournament play. Rails made out of anything other than wood will not provide for the best playing experience. If you have any doubts as to the construction of a table, be sure to ask a sales associate. Looking for outside reviews on pool tables is also a good idea before making an investment.

Once you have decided on the right table for you, make sure there is a pool table installer in the area. Pool tables require professional installation, as a fully setup table cannot be delivered. The retailer that you purchase the table from will usually have a number for a table installer.

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