Pool Tables

Custom and Antique Pool Tables

Pool tables are available in a variety of wood options, styles, designs and sizes. These are mainly differentiated on their production material: Mica laminate or vinyl melamine coating, veneer laminates and solid wood. Then there are also pool tables that add personality to your billiard room - the custom pool tables. If you have a place for a pool table, you will be the envy of all your friends. You may also find that a lot of your friends will suddenly start coming to visit you more often just to get the opportunity to challenge you to a game of pool.

Custom designs have on offer flexibility and individual innovation. These can be produced with a wide variety of woods, inlays, felts and pocket styles. Some of these custom pools are centuries old and still sound and beautiful! Available in a variety of styles, finished and sizes, there is one for your home. Custom pool tables offer more than 30 felt color variations and more than 10 pocket styles and leg styles. Besides being elegant and reliable, these are also competitively priced. Polished to a mirrored finish, custom pool tables can be created with smooth, tapered designs and computer generated artworks as well.

Custom tables are also available in Mahogany, Carbon and beech finish. Each frame made from carefully selected wood, the inlays are cut from materials such as metals, veneer and mother-of-pearl. 9 foot arch custom pool tables made of woods such as cherry or rosewood with pearl inlays are also available. These are available in solid fiberglass construction, beautifully painted and designed with you in mind! Even sleek powder coated steel and championship billiard fabrics are used to create custom pool tables. These tables bring to you the highest standards of craftsmanship, aesthetics, quality and special attention to workmanship. Most manufacturers of pool tables also have on offer table cloths with permanent laser prints of high definition prints in a variety of colors for your pool tables!

Antique pool tables on the other hand are extraordinarily durable and are of high quality. These are highly durable as compared to modern tables with the most important attraction being its craftsmanship. This adds a uniqueness and personality to the game room as well as an additional value. Anyone interested in antiques may want to look into this option to add charm and sophistication to the room.

Antique pool tables allow excellent playability with their satinwood inlay work, 3 piece slate, six legs, 8 ft., 9 ft. or 10 ft. size availability and the finest space. They come in a simple look with the construction of multiple beams along the sides and can be custom fitted with a changeable rail set. Seven different varieties of woods are used for the inlay pattern. Some of the tables hold their cues and balls in cabinets that can slide out. Oak wood surroundings with exquisite designs add to the looks of the table. Some of the antique pool tables are made out of fine woods such as ebony and satinwood. Decorative moldings accentuate their looks further and the sights in rails are of ivory and diamonds. The wooden finishes for these tables include among others Rosewood and mahogany finishes.

Though antique pool tables can be bought at online stores, their supply is comparatively much lower probably to their high costs. Their prices range from $600 to $10,000 with some costing as high as $15,000! Sometimes antique pool tables can cost you three times the amount of a new pool table which can seem pretty amazing but remember that fine craftsmanship in antiques actually makes the item appreciate in value. So, if you have the budget to splurge on these high ticket items, you should do so.

With a strong overall body and solid wooden legs, pool tables are a good buy anytime for your games room. The cabinet legs of most are made with solid wood such as maple or walnut while others are constructed out of particle board with mica or laminates. Reproduced antique pool tables with parquetry and veneers are beautiful as well. A large number of antiques have parts that are remanufactured with most restored to their original condition. Highly in demand, antique tables have questionable durability and collectible value unless bought carefully!