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Outdoor Pool Tables

Pool tables are generally used by people to play indoors but nowadays it is possible to find pool tables that can be used outdoors. These pool tables are manufactured in such a way so that they are not affected by the various elements of nature like rain, snow and humidity.

The surfaces of this variety of pool tables are made of highly durable materials like concrete, resin or slate. Many pool players across the world prefer having table surfaces made out of slate, which is covered by a material to make it withstand harsh weather conditions. The pool tables that have concrete surfaces have a mixture of fibers on them to increase their strength and durability. The ones that use resins are made of a few inches thick polymers that can resist damages due to weather. The rails of the outdoor pool tables are made of a fabric made of nylon or acrylic, which helps to prevent increased penetration of liquids on the surface of the pool table. The table surface can be cleaned using water mixed with chlorine or soap. The surface of the pool table can last for around ten years after which it needs to be changed, while its body does not need any replacement. There are also certain outdoor pool tables that are available with tops that can be converted as required to play other games like table tennis when desired.

The pool tables that are used to play outdoor games of pool usually come with a price that is quite reasonable. The players will find that although these pool tables are quite similar to the ones that are used indoors, there will be differences in the play, as the balls will experience different spin and speeds owing to the surface of the pool tables. The sizes of the tables are similar to the regular ones that are used indoors, and the rubbers used in the table are of a special variety that withstands from rotting.

Investing in pool tables that are set up outdoors will help people in having a great time. Several times the pool table manufacturers are found to sell the customers normal wooden pool tables with a cover of plastic on its surface as outdoor pool tables. But such pool tables are in no way genuine as the plastic will only be bale to withstand weather for some time only. The genuine outdoor pool tables will be made of aluminium, with additions made to increase its durability and improve the looks of the table.

For all types of pool tables the surface is very important, and the better the surface is the better will be its performance. Right from the start manufacturers have been using slate as the surface in pool tables, and it was tried by many manufacturers to replace slate by other materials for use in the surface of pool tables, but without any use. Slate is still used as the surface material in pool tables and there are no chances of any other material replacing it.

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